Random Friday

My week has been crazy busy with school. It seems like this semester I spend a lot of time commuting, and even more time than ever behind a computer. I’m much more comfortable with the latter than the former. However, I did have a cool moment on the train yesterday teaching a man how to crochet. I was on my way to school, working on a dishcloth when the guy across from me asked what I was doing. I told him I was crocheting a washcloth (people seem to look at me funny when I say “dishcloth”), and he asked if he could come over for a minute and watch me. So I did a couple single crochets around the border slowly, explaining the steps as I did them. Then I handed him the hook and assured him he wouldn’t mess anything up, and to try a couple of stitches. His tension wasn’t stellar, but his stitches were done perfectly! This was so gratifying to me, and now I have a dishcloth with a little bit of extra character. I was proud of him for picking up on it, and proud of myself for being able to teach it. I know it’s a small feat, but as someone who’s predominately a knitter, to teach someone even a little bit of crochet when I’m not super great at it myself was pretty cool.

I haven’t been doing much knitting lately. It seems my attention span is torn into so many directions recently that I can’t sit down and work on anything for too long. The dishcloth was nice because it was small, so I might cast on a knit one as well. I do feel like I have a few too many projects on the needles, which might be stopping me from casting on anything else. Perhaps that’s another part of the reason I haven’t knit much, none of my projects seem too appealing. I like them, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t feel like working on them. Does anyone else feel that way sometimes? I have been doing a lot of paper craft though, mostly card making. But also I’m sort of just making pretty little tags and bits of paper for the sake of making something pretty, and trying out new techniques. It’s been a lot of fun, and I am collecting materials for it at an alarming rate. I have found that I’m addicted to my Michaels’ $1 paper craft supply bin. I have gotten a TON of little cute sets of clear stamps and some small acrylic blocks to mount them onto, as well as little ink pads, blank cards and stickers; and if I’m lucky enough to score a 25% off regular priced items coupon, I get each piece for 75 cents! As a college student, I’m all about a good bargain and you can hardly get a pack of gum for 75 cents these days, so a pack of alphabet stamps for that price is something that I’m quite happy about (and it’s better for my teeth!).

In shop news, I will be running ads on Ravelry come February 1st, so I’m working hard to get lots of new stitch marker sets and cell phone charms listed before then. It’s all already made and photographed; I just need to crop, describe and list! It will be mostly large stitch markers (for needle sizes 9 and up) so if you’re in the market, please stop by my lil shop and see if anything strikes your fancy =)

I have to run to catch my bus back home! Until next time, guys.

– Krissy


~ by charmingliltrinkets on January 27, 2012.

One Response to “Random Friday”

  1. I think it is cool you reached out to another human being on a crowded train. Public transportation can be so impersonal by each person maintaining their own “space”. The guy will probably not take up crocheting but the memory of you allowing him to work a few stitches in your dish cloth will stick with him.

    I love your stitch keepers! Your bead work is excellent. Great little Etsy Shop you have going on. Hope you enjoy success in your creative endeavors.


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