Writing Rut

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So many exciting things have taken place in my life recently. I moved to a different (and might I say much BETTER) state, I got myself a job, I got my stitch markers in a store… And yet I can’t seem to find anything to write about. I’ve sat down here several times in the past couple of weeks and I’ll start to write a post and stare blankly at the screen. Which sends me to other blogs, and I get caught up in them, and then I forget what I was doing (ADD FOR THE WIN!).
I haven’t been able to do much crafting lately, as I’m living in someone else’s house until I can find my own place, and my space consists of a tiny bedroom that I share with my four cats, dog and boyfriend. I have been able to get some more stitch markers done, and I have been able to knit a tiny bit. I’ve been in a knitting rut as well. I know what I want to knit and what I want to knit it out of, but I can’t seem to find a pattern that speaks to me. I did finally find one last night, I think I will cast it on as soon as I’m done with my Mickey hat. I made a basic beanie and I made some little scrubbies in stockinette instead of the garter as the pattern is written. It’s turning out pretty adorable so far, and I’m almost done with it. I’m also working on a new hat for myself. I will post pictures soon.

Stay crafty, everyone!


I’m still here

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But I did move! Hence the inactivity. Here’s a quick pic of where I now call home.


I love the south.

Yesterday I learned that..

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Shrinky Dinks should be heated in a well ventilated area.

I remember being a three year old Krissy and my mom had bought me a Shrinky Dink Christmas ornament kit. That was the year we baked gingerbread men and I used Red Hots for their little hearts; It was also the last year my sister was with us. I remember it fondly and I’ve kept those ornaments, they’ve been on my Christmas tree ever since. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I saw packs of Shrinky Dink plastic at my local Michaels and yesterday I stopped in there on my way home from school equipped with a 40% off coupon to snag some.
I have to say, I didn’t have the best luck there ever was. I know they’re supposed to curl and then magically flatten out… but they did not magically flatten out. I tried melting them longer, and they melted right onto the cardboard I was heating them on! They would curl and stick onto themselves, and try as I might I just could not get them to stop. I used my heat gun and the interwebz has given me a mixed review as to whether or not that’s the best way, so I’ll be trying them out in the oven and praying to the craft gods for better results.
I’ll be putting in a couple of prayers to the craft gods actually, another being to make this hat I’m knitting cooperate. I have never had such crappy luck with a hat in my life, especially not a simple stockinette beret. First, I measured wrong and bound off too soon, making it big enough for… no one, ever. It might’ve worked for a toddler with an unnaturally fat and short head. So it went in time out for a few days before I had the nerve to pick out the bind off and rip out the decreases to add more length. That was a pretty stressful process, picking up all those teeny stitches, but I got through it and knit on. This weekend I finally got it to the length it needed to be and started my decreases again. I switched to DPNs when I thought it was getting too small for my circ. As it turned out… not too small for my circ, so some of my stitches fell off the ends of my double points. I might’ve fixed it right then, but it was late and dark so that hat is back in time out for now.
California was beautiful, and I’m sorry I haven’t had the chance to write more about the experience. I will tell you that the weather was gorgeous, every single meal I ate was INCREDIBLE, and I even found some crafting supplies when I went thrifting. I ate fish tacos two days in a row, basked out in the sun, and got to hang out with a very dear friend of mine and her cats. She’s been kind enough to help me with my social media for Charming Lil Trinkets so long as I provide her with handmade items, which I am more than happy to do. Her and I are both all about the hippie barter system, and she knows exactly what its like to start a business from nothing. I’ve watched her grow herself and her business, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.
Alright, that’s enough mush. I’m coming up to my stop anyway (it seems I only have time to write while I’m in transit). Until next time, stay crafty!

Super short check-in

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I have so much I want to post about. I have an entire spring break trip to write about. I have a shawl to post pictures about. It’ll happen soon, hopefully this weekend.

I also have a giveaway brewing in my head. A lot of exciting things are happening in my life, and I would like to celebrate by giving out lots of gifts. I’m soon to graduate with my bachelors degree (which is where the bulk of my time is spent right now), so look out in the month of May.

Until next time, stay crafty!

Packing speedbump, help!

•March 4, 2012 • 1 Comment

Blogosphere! I need your help! I’m packing for my vacation and I need some knitting to pack. I know I want to bring some socks, but those will be anklets and a quick project.. so what else?! I don’t want anything too complicated or too big. I’ll probably bring some cotton and a crochet hook. There are so many possibilities, and I have so few projects currently on my needles, I’m having a hard time deciding. What’s your favorite travel project?

There’s pink highlighter everywhere

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I need to take a five minute break from my anatomy textbook. I feel like on the one hand I really should persevere, I don’t have that many pages left to write notes on. On the other hand, my brain was just screaming way too loud “PLEASE NO MORE PINK HIGHLIGHTED TEXT FOR FIVE MINUTES!!!!”. As a psych chick, I do have a tendency to take heed from my brain when it says it needs a break. I’m learning about the respiratory system, and it’s far more complicated than it seems. There’s chemistry and physics and a little bit of geometry involved in the whole process of breathing. Don’t get me wrong, I expected it to be a complicated process as most systems of the body are, but holy shit people.. I was unaware that I would need a calculator for my Anatomy class.

It would be safe to assume that judging by that first paragraph, I have gotten no crafting progress done; this assumption would be spot on. I haven’t knit a single row on my shawl, all my paper crafting supplies are strewn on the office floor behind me in a mess that makes my boyfriend cringe (bless him for letting me spread myself completely across the house). It’s alright though, I plan to get a little bit in tonight after my test and hopefully some over the weekend before I head for a five day vacation of AWESOME.

I have been wearing some of my bracelets recently. They were a design that I liked, but the construction wasn’t on par for sale, I had one of them snap unexpectedly when I was wearing it. This is why I stress test all of my designs before they go up in my shop, I’d be mortified if I received an e-mail that  a customer’s bracelet broke after a few weeks of wear. I need to promote my poor little shop more, my statistics for traffic are not great. Once this semester is over I will definitely be dedicating more time to Charming Lil Trinkets, but for now my days are consumed with class and my schedule is full of dates with textbooks.

Whew, I feel much better, which means it’s time to get back to the books. Until next time, stay crafty =)

Lollipop shawls, tag decorating and delicious summer yummies!

•February 27, 2012 • 2 Comments

It’s my day off and I have a bunch of crafting projects I could be working on… and I can’t sit still long enough to focus on any of them. I have a ton of just totally random thoughts, so I thought now would be the perfect time for a blog post. Let’s see how this goes, shall we?

I don’t generally bake using a boxed mix, I’m a fan of from scratch goodies because I think they taste better and I like knowing exactly what’s in my food. However, if they’re on sale and/or I have a coupon, I will sometimes pick up a few boxes and stash them in the pantry for times that baked goods are necessary for some reason or another. My boyfriend very lovingly demanded that I make one of the mixes today, as he was tired of seeing the delicious photo. It was teasing him. It was a CRAZY mix of cookie dough and brownie mix, where you put the brownies on the bottom and then cookie dough on the top… ridiculously decadent stuff that is utterly unhealthy and equally delicious. I’m sad to admit that the brownies came out way better than the brownies I tried to make. I like really dense, chewy brownies and it seems that every recipe I try I end up with cakey brownies. If I wanted chocolate cake, that’s what I would have made. Damnit. How do you like your brownies?

Speaking of food, I’ve been eating like it’s the middle of summer for the past week or so. A lot of watermelon flavored italian ices and mac and cheese and burgers, washing it down with plenty of (artificially sweetened) iced tea. I even went so far as to buy myself fried chicken today. It was on sale and the deli at my grocery store made a ton so the whole back corner of the store just reeked of fried chicken. I couldn’t help myself, I’m only human. Human and with a terrible diet, you’re welcome to cringe. Now all this talk of food is making me hungry…

I did do my first tag for Twelve Tags in 2012. I cut tags myself using my Cricut, and later on found a tutorial for using manila folders to make the tags that are more similar to the ones you find in stores. I might do a similar one using a different tag, but I’m happy with how it came out. I look forward to doing a simple challenge over a spread out time line. I’ve tried to participate in KAL’s (or knitalongs) before but both my schedule and attention span are so ever-changing that I couldn’t keep up. I think I can handle one tag a month. Mine deviated from Tim Holtz’s greatly, but you can see some of his techniques and aesthetic (which happens to coincide with my personal taste) in it. I really love the idea of using ink for color. It’s simple and it has a beautiful effect, along with being difficult to mess up. Very seldom do I mess up a card or piece of paper in my inking process, but I’m really good at messing up a project by not getting anything straight. I even went so far as to get myself a nice ruler, and I still can’t seem to put letters or decorations or really anything for that matter in a straight freakin’ line. It’s a straight line. How hard does it need to be? Whew, sorry.. I got a bit upset there for a minute. I’m fine now. Anyway, here’s my tag:

Please pardon the stained up cutting mat underneath it. It gets cleaned every now and again, I just didn’t do so before I took the shot. I’m not the hugest fan of cleaning LOL

I’ve been working on my Citron shawl as well. It’s almost complete!! I can’t even believe it. I thought when I put it down I was finishing up the third section out of five, as it turns out I was finishing the fourth. It’s looking absolutely gorgeous, I hope I can get it done before my trip to Long Beach. I also want to get a pair of socks or two cast on for my trip, so I have new cozy socks to warm my feet for the chilly nights.

It’s knit out of Chroma fingering in Lollipop. It’s soft and squishy and so yummy. Also, it’s my first shawl. It will definitely not be my last.

I think that’s about it for now. Until next time, stay crafty! =)

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