My name is Krissy. I’m a 24 year old psychology student with a deep love for creating something functional from raw materials. While I had dabbled in crafts all my life (pony bead bracelets, loom potholders, scrapbooking, the list goes on..) I never really found anything I was passionate about until I was introduced to knitting. A family member of mine taught me, and I fell instantly in love. I couldn’t put it down then and haven’t since, now I’m in two years deep with a giant stash of yarn and more project ideas than I can keep up with.

I have a multitude of loves and hobbies; On my time not spent in school or doing something school related I enjoy playing video games, knitting, watching youtube tutorials on new techniques related to the crafting, general internet silliness and playing with make-up. When I have a huge chunk of time, which let me assure you doesn’t happen often, I love to bake. LOVE to bake. My boyfriend both loves and despises me for my amazing baking skillz. My weaknesses include candles, pumpkins, any and all things related to Disney, sugar skulls, shiny things and sweets.


I also currently run an etsy shop to support my crafty habit and share the things I love to make with the rest of the world. My goods and I can be found here.


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