STOP SOPA by Thalianna
STOP SOPA, a photo by Thalianna on Flickr.

I’m getting off the internet now, I swear.. but I needed to be as loud about this as possible before I did so. SOPA violates our rights as Americans, violates our personal privacy, and stifles our abilities to share information with one another. And as a crafter, the last point hits me just as hard as the first two. I don’t know when we lost sight of the fact that the internet was supposed to be about connecting and sharing, but let’s get that back into the viewfinders here. I don’t fancy myself a political activist and it’s not something I often think should be discussed, but this affects us all and it needs to be shared as much as possible. Because that’s what the internet is for.

For now, I’m shutting everything down and going to bed. I will see you all back on the 19th.


~ by charmingliltrinkets on January 18, 2012.

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