Hello, world

Hi there, internet. Welcome to my corner. I’m Krissy of CharmingLilTrinkets, and I’m a craft-aholic. It all started a few years ago when I was introduced to knitting. Prior to that I had dabbled in projects of various types, things like scrapbooking and painting and little holiday crafts from pamphlets, I even sold little pony bead bracelets on Livejournal for a period… whatever I could do when I needed to keep my hands busy. But I was never really good at any of it, so none of it ever stuck for too long. Fast-forward back to my introduction to knitting. The moment I had those needles in my hand and my stitches cast on, learning the knit stitch… it was over. I was addicted. I still remember my first project which I made with the needles and wool I was gifted to practice on, a pair of striped potholders. I have no idea where they went at this point, but I did use them for a long time. Now I have acquired more yarn than I would like to admit and ever could have forseen, and it opened so many doors into the world of crafting. Once I got my bearings and realized I was talented and could really get creative with something, that’s the push I needed to drive me straight into this wonderful, handmade world. I am addicted to the sense of taking very humble parts and making something beautiful, something that was formed in my brain and then  brought to life. Now my favorite mediums are paper, beads, yarn, ribbon, glue, metal, resin and just about anything else that doesn’t require large industrial machinery. I do it all in the bits and pieces of time I can snag between my life as a college student, Etsy shop owner and mother to five fuzzy fur-children.


This blog is connected my shop, so expect to see items I’m working on and promotions for blog followers and things like this. But my main focus here to is give you a window into the world of my crafty life. It will be filled with random psychology and anatomy facts, decorated school notebooks, the hats or socks I’m knitting, and most certainly some adorable pictures of kittens along the way. So sit back and enjoy the view, it’s gonna be a fun trip.






~ by charmingliltrinkets on January 16, 2012.

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