I did not fall off the face of the earth

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I promise. It’s just been craaaaaaaaazy since my move to North Carolina. I had no idea that settling into a new state would take so long and be so strenuous, which I guess I wouldn’t have because the first and only other time I did it, I was two years old.


But I am alive, and I do remember that I have a blog. Stay tuned, you never know when I’ll pop in and share something crafty and fantastic (fingers crossed, hopefully it’ll be soon. I miss blogging)

Inviting Inspiration

•October 24, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Today I’ve decided that I’m going to decorate my little space. Allow me to define what I’m dubbing as “my little space”. I live with my boyfriend in a tiny apartment. I mean, it’s tiny. We went from a 1400 square foot condo into a 700 square foot apartment. We got rid of a lot of things so it’s not super crammed, but sometimes it still feels like these beige walls are closing in, And my boyfriend isn’t exactly the frilly type. Nor is he a manly man, just a minimalist. Given our lack of space, decorating has been difficult. So I have my little space in the apartment where I craft, and it’s so… beige. The walls are beige, the carpet is beige… it’s not the most inspiring space to work in. I’ve really been trying to work on holiday stuff, but when you barely know what the date is and October pretty much escaped you completely, it’s been more difficult than I could have expected to get into the spirit. So today I’ve busted out my paper crafting stuff once again, along with inks and stamps, to make some inspirational pages to tack up on my beige walls in front of my desk. I’m hoping that will get me more in the spirit. I’ve had wonderful ideas of techniques, all of which I’ve been writing down or else I’ll lose them forever, and I’m hoping to incorporate a number of them in my inspiration page so that I can recreate them later. I’ve charged up my camera batteries already, and am hoping to get a boatload of pictures uploaded later today. I’d say expect edits, but I make no guarantees lol


Wish me luck on my crafting endeavors, I feel like I need it!

Sick Daze

•October 17, 2012 • 2 Comments

I have been in bed all day long.

Except for when I took the dog out for a walk, and the occasional arising to refill my water glass.

I’ve missed four days of work and I’m not too fond of it because it means my next paycheck is gonna be garbage. But I am very, very ill. I’ve been watching Criminal Minds, eating granola bars and snuggling with my furries. I have done a bit of knitting, working on my Potato Chip scarf. I’m on my second ball, probably about a third of the way into it. It really is addicting. One of those “Just one more repeat and I’ll put it down” projects. It’s also the type of project, for me, that if I don’t finish the entire repeat, I have no idea where I am.  It’s been chilly here, getting into the 40′s at night. I told my man that it’s a good thing I knit and have a closet full of yarn (it’s a small closet, and it has a few other things in there too…) because wardrobe-wise, we are ill prepared for the colder months. He has already requested a hat and another pair of socks, and I am happy to oblige, I need to keep my baby warm <3 It’s his birthday tomorrow and I wish I could say that I would have either the  hat or the socks ready for him, but truthfully I haven’t even cast them on yet. I have so many other things I’m doing right now that the idea of having several projects on the needles is just unappealing. That’s a strange feeling, I tell you what. Ever since I started knitting I’ve been one of those multiple projects types, where if I didn’t have at least four or five projects going I was BORED. Now I think with all the other crafts I’ve been indulging in, if I don’t feel like working on what I’m currently knitting I have a dozen other things I could be doing and with my limited time to work on any of them, it’s whatever speaks to me at the time that wins out.


I’m exhausted and my cold meds are kicking in, so I think it’s time for a good afternoon nap. What do you do on your sick days? Any crafts in particular that make you feel better? Please tell me in the comments, I’m gonna be stuck in bed the rest of the day



Stay crafty, folks!

Random question

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When you’re both tired AND hungry late at night, which one usually wins out for you? For me, it’s usually hunger. I cannot seem to relax enough to fall asleep with a rumbly tummy, even if I feel like I might fall asleep while eating. Tonight was one of those nights. I was laying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep, but I couldn’t… I had to get up and munch some crackers. Figured I’d write this quick blog post while I stuffed my face.

I’ve been working on some Christmas cards. By most crafters standards I’m actually really late, but for my laggy self I’m actually ahead of the game. I’ve decided to make a huge batch of cards centered around one particular embellishment, a Christmas tree. I made twenty of these lil suckers over the past two days. My strategy is to get a set of embellishments done all at once, like the trees or stamping/embossing sentiments, that way when I have a day off I can bang out several cards at once. I’m really hoping this system works for me, otherwise I’m in big trouble!

I’m still interested in hearing about your Christmas crafts! Please, if you’ve blogged about them, feel free to leave a link to your entry in the comments.

Until next time, stay crafty!

Christmas is coming!

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Holy crap! I need to start working on Christmas gifts! This is the first year in a long time that I have to worry about getting gifts for coworkers, and given that I work in a craft store they pretty much have to be handmade. I think I’m going to take a family members idea and have a Christmas box. Just craft whatever I want when I feel like it and throw it in the box. I’ll divvy it out when the time comes. I’m excited thinking about all the little bits and bobbles I can come up with until then. With Pinterest being so UTTERLY AMAZING I feel certain I’ll have enough gifts in no time, provided that I actually have the time to do it. I’m on day ten of an eleven day working stint and truthfully, I thought I was going to fall over and die on one of the shelves this morning. I am going to spoil myself on  Friday when I get my paycheck though and get myself a few supplies that I can get for dirt cheap. My job’s not ALL bad. I’ve also been working on Christmas cards. I have a whopping two finished. Yipee /sarcasm. I have two paper books of Christmas paper that I bought on clearance last year, so I’m working really hard to use that up.


Are you guys doing your holiday prep already? Started months ago? Totally waiting until the last minute when you’re pulling your hair out and cursing yourself on December 23rd at 2am when you finally realize perhaps you’ve over-committed?


Stay crafty, everyone! I need some rest o.O

Work is just draining

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Going from being a student to being a retail employee has been a drastic change. I thought I had no time to myself before, but damn if my job is not all consuming. I’m either there, in the shower, or in bed. From time to time I am in front of the computer, but I’m finding that most of my internet browsing has been happening from my iPhone. As a matter of fact, I have to go back into work in 45 minutes. Because my job is retarded. But I did want to take the few  minutes I had to spare to write a blog post. I miss blogging. It’s something I truly enjoy doing, and I wish I had more time to do it. Perhaps I’ll start off small… I always want to be able to sit down and write big posts about all the things I’ve been up to (which is mostly… well, you know, work) and post pictures and be exciting. But from now on I’ll try to at least do check-ins. For myself and for the few readers I’ve got.

What have you guys been up to? Any interesting crafts? I’m going to start a Halloween wreath eventually. I got a wreath form and I’ve been stalking pinterest for all the tutorials I can find. I’ve been envisioning it in my head, I just need a few more pieces of fabric to use. And nothing within my price range has been speaking to me. Minimum wage sucks (but at least it’s better than nothing, I know, I know). I also started my first Potato Chip Scarf from some Full o Sheep that I got for ridiculously cheap (from work.. there are a few benefits to my job, I suppose. Man, this post is full of parentheses, no?). 


Time to munch and whine before I have to go back. Talk to you guys soon, I promise!

Writing Rut

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So many exciting things have taken place in my life recently. I moved to a different (and might I say much BETTER) state, I got myself a job, I got my stitch markers in a store… And yet I can’t seem to find anything to write about. I’ve sat down here several times in the past couple of weeks and I’ll start to write a post and stare blankly at the screen. Which sends me to other blogs, and I get caught up in them, and then I forget what I was doing (ADD FOR THE WIN!).
I haven’t been able to do much crafting lately, as I’m living in someone else’s house until I can find my own place, and my space consists of a tiny bedroom that I share with my four cats, dog and boyfriend. I have been able to get some more stitch markers done, and I have been able to knit a tiny bit. I’ve been in a knitting rut as well. I know what I want to knit and what I want to knit it out of, but I can’t seem to find a pattern that speaks to me. I did finally find one last night, I think I will cast it on as soon as I’m done with my Mickey hat. I made a basic beanie and I made some little scrubbies in stockinette instead of the garter as the pattern is written. It’s turning out pretty adorable so far, and I’m almost done with it. I’m also working on a new hat for myself. I will post pictures soon.

Stay crafty, everyone!


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